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Transparent Thin Film Transistors

Transparent electronics is an emerging technology which aims to produce invisible electronic circuits and find applications in consumer electronics, transportation, business and military. Glass in almost any setting could also double as an electronic device, possibly improving security systems or transparent displays. A key device for realizing transparent circuits is the transparentthin film transistor (TTFT). Amorphous semiconductors are preferred over polycrystalline ones for active layers in TTFTs because of low processing temperature and uniformity of device characteristics. Room-temperature fabrication of TTFTs using amorphous oxides enables the fabrication of transparent electronic devices on plastic substrates. By combining the flexibility of the substrates with transparency, ruggedness and stability of oxide materials could start a new era in semiconductor and electronic manufacturing.


Output characteristics of a zinc indium tin oxide transarent thin film transistor

Our research interests include the development of amorphous TTFTs on cost effective glass and plastic substrates. Amorphous films of zinc tin oxide, zinc indium oxide and zinc indium tin oxide is used as active channel layer. We employ co-sputtering and pulsed laser deposition techniques for device fabrication.